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basicallydragonbait said: [[Chi. No.]]

Chi yes



anie6142 said: You’re evil xD

I’m not the one smiling at Stoick’s funeral.

modern au where Astrid shows up at Stoick’s funeral wearing a red dress and singing cell block tango. takeemdownbabe

For a great man has fallen. A warrior. A chieftain. A father. A friend.

Why the everlong fuck is Astrid smiling. kuueater



why do dads always just want tools for father’s day

what are they building


Anonymous asked:
Have you ever seen the movie epic, with all of its creative aspects it seems like something you'd dig

Nah. It didn’t look that great to me? And I wasn’t thrilled about how the romance looked like it was going to play out. Kinda. Dull. A little joke-heavy. Just didn’t really have any interest in anything it was offering. 

Maybe it was good though, I didn’t give it a chance so I can’t say. I suppose it’s worth a watch but I don’t think I’ll go looking for it. I hadn’t heard much about it either so??

Anonymous asked:
I know that this may come as a shock but toothless and stormfly or toothless and cloudjumper, and I'm aware they are dragons

asdf it’s no shock, dragon love is adorable 8v8

Cloudjumper! They had such great interactions. Toothless and Stormfly I thought were no different than any of the other dragons, there wasn’t really anything special to look into imho unless you were looking at them as a mirror of Hiccup and Astrid? But they’re their own characters so I don’t really consider that any basis.

Anonymous asked:
Tooth and astrid or rapunzel and Merida


geez tho. I like them both a lot….I’m gonna go with Astriana because it’s more in the realm of kickass warrior ladies yeahhhH. Granted they’re all kickass warrior ladies (MERIDA) but Astrid and Tooth are so fierce I just //@v@//

Anonymous asked:
ParaPines .. Or HIJACK??? The ultimate question.

I never totally fall out of love for a ship but I’m not very active in parapines now so defs hijack uvu

hijack or blackice?


Why. Why.

I love blackice so much its got all the elements I adore in a hero/villain ship and Pitch and Jack work so well with their dynamic and Pitch’s bit of heart and Jack’s bit of jerk behavior in there to make the trope fresh and ughhhh

But I think I have to go with hijack because the fandom is so creative that it seems to draw more out of my imagination? And there’s so many different takes and AUs in there its very explorative and it makes me creative and thoughtful in return.. I get a real appreciation for contrasting different character traits against eachother in various combinations and theres a lot of world building and ‘okay but what-if?’ interest in there and its just all very inspiring to work within.

Really I love them both in different moods but hijack gives me more IDEAS, so at the least it’s the one that has stuck with me more.